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Entitlement to Vote

Entitlement to Vote

The Local Government Act 2020 states that a person can only be enrolled on the voters' roll of a Council if the person is a resident in the municipal district of the Council or a ratepayer to the Council exercising an entitlement under and in accordance with the Act.

No matter how many entitlements you have within any one local council area, you are entitled to be enrolled for one vote for each council that you have an entitlement.

Voting entitlements are also hierarchical, so if you own or occupy multiple properties within a council, you must be enrolled under the first entitlement category that applies to you. If you have a number of properties within a council area under the same entitlement category, you may nominate which property you wish to be enrolled for. If it is an automatic entitlement and you do not nominate which property to express the entitlement, the council may do this for you by comparing the value of each property.

There are five categories of people who are entitled to vote in Council elections in 2020:


State Elector


Everyone who has enrolled to vote in State and Federal elections is automatically enrolled to vote in the Council elections where they live.  This includes Australian citizens aged 18 and over who have lived at their current address for at least one month. Voting is compulsory for this category of voter.


Owner Ratepayers (non-resident owners)


Specific, individual non-resident owner ratepayers who were:

  1. previously automatically enrolled on the last voters’ roll for the Council, and
  2. continue to be entitled to be enrolled.

People in this category are encouraged to vote, but it is not compulsory.


Owner Ratepayers (non-citizen resident ratepayers)


People who are not Australian citizens, but own and reside in a property in Mansfield Shire, and are aged 18 or over, can apply to be enrolled on the voters’ roll. Up to two owners per property may apply. People in this category can apply to Council to be included on the roll and are encouraged to vote, but it is not compulsory.

This is an ongoing entitlement and does not expire at the close of the roll for the next general election. Entitlement remains until actively resigned.

Application form for this category (section s242 Local Government Act 2020) can be found here


Occupier ratepayers


Up to two occupiers of a property may apply to be enrolled in place of the owners if they pay the rates and have written agreement from the owners, or if the Council rates notice is addressed to them. Occupiers of shops and commercial industrial properties are encouraged to be enrolled and vote (provided the above applies) but it is not compulsory.

Application form for this category (section s244 Local Government Act 2020) can be found here


Corporations (company directors/secretaries)


A corporation which owns or occupies a property in the municipality and which pays rates, may appoint a director or company secretary to represent it on the voters’ roll. The person it appoints cannot be otherwise eligible to vote in the municipality.

A person can only have one vote in the Mansfield Shire Council elections, irrespective of how many properties they own or occupy within the municipality.

Application forms for this category (section s245 Local Government Act 2020) can be found here for corporation owner and corporation occupier


The 2020 elections for all Victorian councils will be conducted by the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC). Further information about elections is available on the VEC’s website or Mansfield Shire Council's VEC election portal.

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