Waste Service Application Form

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Please note the following before commencing an application:

  • The Mansfield Shire Council Domestic Garbage Collection Service entitles ratepayers to one garbage bin (red lid) and to properties with kerbside recycle collection, one recycle bin (yellow lid).
  • Information relating to the kerbside recycle collection and locations for the rural recycle points is available from Council or online on the domestic waste collection page.
  • The standard 120 litre service will be provided unless a ratepayer has instructed otherwise. This service is not an optional service. If it is provided in your area you MUST utilise the service.
  • If a bin is missing/stolen a Police Report must accompany this Application Form.
  • Any issue for a new dwelling must accompany a certificate of occupancy.
Upsizes and downsizes can only occur during the month of May unless you are in the first year of your ownership. If this option is chosen, you may be contacted to confirm your date of ownership.
Contact Details
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Tenanted Property

For a new Waste Service property owner/s approval is required if property is tenanted.

Garbage and Recycling Bin Details
 A recycle bin will be automatically added to all new waste bin requests. The waste and recycle services are a mandatory combined service and cannot be separated.
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Damaged Bin Details
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Upsize/Downsize Bin Details
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