Name Proposal for New Sporting Precinct

Council is proposing to name the Sporting Precinct consisting of the new dual court stadium, dual outdoor multipurpose courts and existing playing fields.

The Sporting Precinct is defined as a feature within the naming rules.  The feature type (i.e. Sporting Precinct, Stadium, Courts and Playing Fields) should be included in a feature’s name and located after the unique feature name.  An exception to this is the use of Aboriginal names or words if the Aboriginal name already includes details of the feature type.

Other principles you should be aware of when proposing a name are that:

  • The name must not risk public and operational safety for emergency response; or, cause confusion for transport, communication and mail services
  • Regard needs to be given to the long-term consequences and short-term effects on the wider community of naming
  • The name should be relevant to the local area with preference given to unofficial names used by the local community
  • The name must not duplicate another name within a 30 kilometre radius
  • Place names must not discriminate
  • The use of Aboriginal languages in the naming of features is encouraged, subject to agreement from the relevant Traditional Owner group
  • A dual name proposal can be made as a way of recognising the names given to places by different enduring cultural and language groups
  • If named after a person, that person should be or have been held in strong regard by the community, with preference given to unofficial names used by the local community.   The names of people who are still alive must be avoided because community attitudes and opinions can change over time.  A commemorative name applied to a feature can use the first name and surname of a person; although, it is preferred that only the surname be used. The initials of a given name are not to be used in any instance.
  • Naming authorities should not name places after: commercial businesses, trade names, estate names (which are solely commercial in nature) or not-for-profit organisations.
  • Names, except when they are proper nouns, must be written in standard Australian English or a recognised format of an Aboriginal language local to the area of the road, feature or locality.
  • Names should be easy to pronounce, spell and write, and preferably not exceed three words (including feature or road type) and/or 25 characters
  • The’ is not a suitable prefix.
  • Cardinal directions (north, south, east and west) must be avoided.

Any person may propose a name.  Submissions must be lodged by 5pm 31 May 2020


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Last Updated: Wednesday, 6 May, 2020 - 11:48