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Film Footage and Images Agreement

Mansfield Shire Council has a great selection of images and footage available for media and businesses to download for local tourism promotion. Please read through terms of use and copyright notice below and submit the agreement form to confirm your adherence to the terms and to access.

Login details will be emailed once your form has been received. Already have a login? Click here to access Media Gallery.

Terms & Conditions of use of Mansfield Shire Council Film footage & Images
These terms and conditions of use constitute a legal agreement between you and Mansfield Shire Council (this agreement). Please read this agreement in its entirety before you continue to use film footage or images.

By signing the agreement, this indicates that you agree to be bound by the following terms

Agreement to these terms and conditions will result in the granting of a one off non-exclusive right to use the selected imagery for the permitted purpose as approved by Mansfield Shire Council.

Conditions of Use

  • All material supplied is owned by Mansfield Shire Council or its respective partners and cannot be on sold to Third Parties.
  • Mansfield Shire Council provides the images on the basis of a one off, non-exclusive right to use the specified images for the approved use.
  • All laboratory, carriage and taxes on footage & images are the users responsibility.
  • All copyright requirements must be adhered to. Any misuse of images will result in a breach of copyright and maybe the subject of legal proceedings.
  • All Mandatory CREDITS must be adhered to, without exception.
  • Images must be titled correctly.
  • Images supplied can only be used for the specific Region.
  • Material supplied must be used only to promote Mansfield Mt Buller the High Country
  • Where possible the photographer should be credited.
  • Where possible Mansfield Shire Council should be acknowledged. (Optional - We prefer the photographer to be credited first)

Social Media Tags
When used for social media images must be tagged with the following:

  • #MansfieldMtbuller
  • #MansfieldShire
  • #SeeHighCountry
  • and when in context
  • #RideHighCountry
  • #WalkHighCountry
  • #FeastHighCountry
  • #greatvictorianrailtrail

Ownership & Copyright of Content
All content provided including photographs, images, illustrations, text, audio clips, video clips and software (referred to as content) is owned by Mansfield Shire Council.
Except as expressly permitted under this agreement, under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) (or other applicable intellectual property legislation) or with the specified written permission of Mansfield Shire Council, no part of the footage may be reproduced by any process, electronic or otherwise, or stored in any form.
You must retain and adhere to any copyright restrictions or other notices that appear on images you wish to use.

Following is an explanation of copyright restrictions that apply to Mansfield Shire Council images:

Copyright Restrictions for images and footage Tourism Purposes Only
These images can only be used to promote Mansfield Mt Buller the High Country.

All images contained within the Mansfield Shire Council online photo gallery are solely to be used to promote Mansfield Mt Buller as a tourist destination in editorial and media applications.

Images must be used within the context of Mansfield Mt Buller only and cannot be used in a generic way to promote locations or any activity undertaken outside Mansfield Shire or Mt Buller Mt Stirling alpine resort.

When an image is not used solely within the context of Mansfield Mt Buller, the image must be clearly captioned "Mansfield Mt Buller" with the caption appearing adjacent to the image. Whenever possible all images must be credited with the photographer's name as set out in the image properties.

When an image is used on the cover of a publication and cannot be captioned on the cover, a photographer/Mansfield Mt Buller credit must appear on the inside front cover of the publication. The credit should include "Mansfield Shire Council" and the photographer.

No images in the photo gallery are available for commercial or advertising use outside destination marketing of Mansfield Mt Buller.

No images in the gallery are available to be released to third parties for any use. ALL requests for third-party usage are to be referred to Mansfield Shire Council for review via an email

Images found to have been used outside the terms of use stated here, without permission of the photographers, will incur full commercial fees and the photographer will invoice the organisation involved.

No images in the gallery are available for sale in any form ie. postcards, books, posters or any retail merchandise.
Not sure if your usage falls inside the marketing/promotion guidelines here?

Please reach out to Mansfield Shire Council via an email and explain the request and we can help confirm or put you in contact with the photographers directly.

Mandatory Credit Required
These images must have the stated credit as per image details. Usage of images requiring mandatory crediting of the photographer or location must be credited in accordance with such credits as they appear on the image and in accordance with this agreement.

Mansfield Shire logo may not be used without written permission.  Please ask for a copy of our Logo Policy to read our terms of usage if you are wanting to use our logo.


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