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  • Where can I go for advice about how to prepare my property to reduce the risk of fire?

    The CFA website has loads of great information about how to prepare your house and property before and during the fire danger period.

    Activities include managing vegetation around structures, moving gas bottles and firewood stacks, mowing, slashing and maintainance and a whole range of other tasks that can make all the difference.

    Visit the CFA How to Prepare Your Property pages to assist you plan and prepare.


  • Where can I go if I have to evacuate?

    In a major emergency where residents have left early or had to evacuate, Council will offer a range of relief services which may include opening an Emergency Relief Centre (ERC).

    An ERC will offer basic needs such as information, the opportunity to register with the Register Find Reunite program, a cup of tea and emotional support, access to the Personal Hardship Assistance Program grants and if necessary, food and a bed overnight.

    Pets will not be allowed into an ERC and Council will assit you to make other arrangements if your plans have failed.

    If a major emergency occurs, all required information will be posted on this website and also

  • Where can I go to stay cool on a very hot day in Mansfield Shire?

    The best ideas is to make arrangements to stay with family or a friend who has airconditioning on a really hot day.

    If this is not possible, consider spending time at the library (5775 2176), in a cool cafe or at the swimming pool.

    Call Council on 5775 8555 for more ideas for cooler places to go.

  • Where can I park my truck, caravan or long vehicle?

    Informal long vehicle parking is available at:

    • Mansfield Information Centre
    • Highett Street (South of High Street)
    • Botanic Park
  • Where will I get the most up-to-date information about an emergency?

    The Emergency Management Victoria website and phone app are the best sources of information.

    Visit or download the VicEmergency app onto your phone.

  • Which roads are managed by council and which by Vic Roads?

    The following main roads are managed by Vic Roads. If you have any issues with these roads, please contact Vic Roads on 131170.

    • Mansfield-Woods Point Road
    • Merton-Euroa Road
    • Mansfield-Whitfield Road
    • Mount Buller Road
    • Midland Highway
    • Maroondah Highway
  • Which roads are Trucks allowed to drive on?

    Standard trucks can drive on most Council and Vic Roads roads as long as they are under the specified weight and length. 

    Permits can be issued to allow access to specific roads at certain times to allow access for deliveries of building material, quarry material or other similar items.

    For B-Doubles there is a gazetted road network which can be found here:

    Heavy Vehicle Map Networks in Victoria.

  • Which VicRoads Services is Council and agent for?

    Customer Service VicRoads Services

    In its committment to providing exceptional service to customers, Council provides a limited VicRoads service to benefit our residents.

    VicRoads Services

    • Number plate return & receipt
    • Clearing of defect notice - only with Roadworthy Certificate
    • Licence renewals (car, motorcycle and marine)
    • Firearms/security licence (first issue & renewal)
    • Issue learner permit receipt (car)
    • Work diaries for heavy vehicles
    • Learner permit test
    • Proof of age card photo point
    • Registration refund form submission
  • Why are my rates so expensive compared with Melbourne?

    Mansfield Shire Municipality has a large land area (3,843 square kilometres) with an extensive local road network and unlike larger metropolitan municipalities, our shire has fewer Ratepayers to share the service costs of council.

    Council bases its rate calculation on the Capital Improved Value (CIV) of each individual property.   Each property is assessed by the contracted Valuer to determine the CIV. If you think the CIV is too high or too low, you may object to the valuation.

    Object to the valuation of your property 265.89KB PDF

  • Why do you hold animals for 8 days at the pound?

    All pounds and shelters in Victoria must comply with the State Government code of practice. The code outlines how these facilities are to operate, including the mandatory holding time for stray animals.

    For more information:

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