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  • When are public toilets cleaned?

    Public Toilets are cleaned on a regular basis.

    High frequency use toilets are cleaned daily; these include Mansfield Roundabout, Mansfield Botanic Park, Mansfield Railway Station, Bonnie Doon (Bon Crescent).

    Less frequent use toilets are generally cleaned 1-3 times per week, these include Mansfield Lords Oval, Jamieson, Goughs Bay, Tolmie, Merton and Bonnie Doon surrounds.

  • When can I change the size of my rubbish bin?

    Ratepayers can change the size of their rubbish bin once per year during the month of May only. New property owners can change the size of their rubbish bin on one occasion at any time during the first year of ownership.

  • When will the Agenda become available on the website?

    The Agenda is published on the website on the Friday before the scheduled meeting by 5.00pm.

  • When will the Minutes become available on the website?

    The Minutes are published on the website by 5.00 pm on the Friday of the week of the meeting.

  • Where can I connect stormwater discharge?

    To connect your stormwater to Council assets you will require a Legal Point of Stormwater Discharge. Application forms can be found here and a fee is payable. You will require a copy of your site plan to be submitted with your application. More information can be found here.

  • Where can I find information to help me plan and prepare for a range of emergencies?

  • Where can I find information to help me plan and prepare my property to be safer if a fire breaks out?

    The CFA website is one of the best sources of information to help you prepare your property and to plan for the safety of yourself, your family and your animals.

    The Vic Emergency website also carries a lot of information:

    Red Cross also provide a range of very easy to use materials to assist you plan for emergencies:

  • Where can I get help to list my event with ATDW?

    Condition of listing your event is that your event must be listed with ATDW (which is free). If you need assistance to create a listing please contact the Mansfield Visitor Information Centre on 5775 7000 and the staff will help you.

  • Where can I get information on my property title or a Land Information Certificate?

    Land Information Certificates are provided at a fee. Please complete this application and send it to us:

    Land Information Certificate Application 2018-2019

  • Where can I go for advice about how to prepare my property to reduce the risk of fire?

    The CFA website has loads of great information about how to prepare your house and property before and during the fire danger period.

    Activities include managing vegetation around structures, moving gas bottles and firewood stacks, mowing, slashing and maintainance and a whole range of other tasks that can make all the difference.

    Visit the CFA How to Prepare Your Property pages to assist you plan and prepare.


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