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  • What does it cost to advertise my event in Spring In?

    There is no charge for your event to be included into the 'Spring In' events brochure however there are criteria for inclusion.

  • What if I can't take my horses with me when a fire is approaching?

    There is a lot you can do to increase your animals chance of survival in the event of an emergency.

    Visit the Agriculture Victoria Horses and Livestock in Emergencies page to assist you plan and prepare.

  • What is ATDW?

    The Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) is a database for Australia’s tourism operators to use to easily promote their business or events across numerous digital platforms. Overseen by VisitCanberra and the other Australian State Tourism Organisations, ATDW contains quality controlled Australian tourism information designed to attract tourists and increase visitor numbers and expenditure.

  • What is the Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO)?

    The Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO) applies to land that may be significantly affected by a bushfire.

    The BMO triggers the need for a planning permit for certain uses, developments and subdivision, and requires appropriate bushfire protection measures.

    You can check if you property is affected by the BMO using Planning Maps Online.

  • What is the capacity of Mansfield Shire Council’s drainage system?

    Council’s drainage network has been constructed to a capacity based on typical rainfall patterns. If a more significant rainfall event is experienced and the underground drainage is overwhelmed, the roads and Council reserves typically become the pathway for this ‘overland flow’. This is normal and acceptable. Please drive to conditions and Council advises not to drive through areas of inundation.

    Overland flow threatening property such as residences should be reported to Council. Inundated front or backyards of property is acceptable and generally no action by Council will be taken. Property owners may manage their internal drainage as long as they comply with regulations and do not adversely affect neighbouring property.

  • What is the community waste charge on my rates and do I have to pay it?

    The Community Waste Charge is an annual charge that is applied to all rateable properties including vacant land without a kerbside waste and recycling collection service. The Charge ensures that all ratepayers within the Shire are effectively contributing to all community waste initiatives within the municipality.

    The charge is declared for the recovery of costs of the following:

    • Maintenance cleaning of all street and public bins

    • Maintenance of Council’s Resource Recovery Centre

     • Waste Education Initiatives across the municipality

     • Litter control

    • Visitor waste management program

     • Maintenance and servicing of all public place waste/ recycle infrastructure

    The Community Waste Charge is a non optional charge.

  • What is the cost, fee or charge for…?

    All of Mansfield Council fees and charges are updated on July 1 each year.

    View all current fees and charges

  • What is the Council Plan?

    Our Council Plan outlines the direction of Mansfield Shire Council for a 4 year period.  We’re committed to setting a strategic direction that will deliver key sustainable outcomes for our community. 

    Our Plan identifies:

    • the things which we can control
    • the things we can influence through our leadership roles, and
    • the things which are of interest to the Council and the community over which we may have marginal control or influence.

    Our Council Plan 2017-21 sits within our planning framework and identifies the main priorities and expectations for the next four years.

    The development of the Plan took on board consultation with our communities and stakeholders, as well as input from Councillors and staff.

    On an annual basis the Plan is reviewed to take into account any future developments and direction of the Council, and each year through our Annual Reporting process we provide an update on the progress of the outcomes set out in the Plan.

    The strategic direction of the Council is outlined in the Plan, and this serves to articulate our aspirations and the initiatives we will undertake the realise them, such as:

    • Participation and partnerships
    • Financial sustainability
    • Community resilience and connectivity
    • Enhanced liveability
    • Responsible Leadership
  • What prescribed documents are available for inspection?

    The following prescribed documents are available:

    1. a document containing details of overseas or interstate travel (other than interstate travel by land for less than 3 days) undertaken in an official capacity by any Councillor or member of Council staff in the previous 12 months;
    2. the agendas for, and minutes of, ordinary and special meetings held in the previous 12 months which are kept under section 93 of the Act, other than those agendas and minutes relating to a part of a meeting which was closed  to members of the public under section 89 of the Act and are confidential information within the meaning of section 77(2) of the Act;
    3. the minutes of meetings of special committees established under section 86 of the Act and held in the previous 12 months, other than those minutes relating to a part of a meeting which was closed to members of the public  under section 89 of the Act and are confidential information within the meaning of section 77(2) of the Act;
    4. a register of delegations kept under sections 87(1) and 98(4) of the Act, including the date on which the last review took place under sections 86(6) and 98(6), respectively, of the Act;
    5. a document containing details of all leases involving land which were entered into by the Council as lessor, including the lessee and the terms and the value of the lease;
    6. a register maintained under section 224(1A) of the Act of authorised officers appointed under that section;
    7. a list of donations and grants made by the Council in the previous 12 months, including the names of persons who, or bodies which, have received a donation or grant and the amount of each donation or grant.


  • What Services do I get for paying my rates?

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