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  • How do I request a new sign?

    Council receives many requests for installation of signage including wildlife signs, dust signs, speed signs, parking signs, stop/give way signs and tourist attractions or places of interest signs. These requests are considered on a quarterly basis through a Traffic Liaison meeting. Factors for consideration are location, number of requests, incidents in the area and the effectiveness of the sign. To request a tourist attraction sign, please refer to the Vic Roads website as they are the appropriate authority.

    VicRoads: Road Signs

    Other signage requests should be made in writing to Council either via or via post to Private Bag 1000, Mansfield VIC 3724.

    Typical signs

    Regulatory Signs

    Regulatory signs are legally enforceable and dictate what can and cannot be done on the road. Signs are generally black and white with some red. Examples of regulatory signs are; - speed limit signs, stop and give way signs, pedestrian crossings signs, keep left signs, no entry signs, one way signs and temporary signs (e.g.: stop go bats, roadwork signs).

    Warning Signs

    Warning signs or advisory signs provide indicate there is a hazard or danger ahead and that you may need to slow down or prepare to stop. Signs are generally yellow with black symbols/writing. Examples of these signs include advisory speed signs, curves and bends, railway crossings and changes to conditions.

    Guide Signs

    Guide signs provide information to drivers and pedestrians including road name signs, distance to next town, etc.

    Tourist and Service Signs

    Tourist and service signs provide information about points of interest and services provided in the local area. These signs are generally blue & white or brown & white.

  • How do I reserve a cemetery plot or space in the niche wall?

    Contact Council’s Cemetery representative during business hours to discuss your pre-purchase options and available spaces. Once decided, you will be required to complete a form and pay the appropriate fee. When you purchase a burial plot, you are buying the right to be buried (interred) on that land. You are not purchasing outright the title to the land itself. You will be issued with a Right of Interment.

  • How long do I own a Burial Plot for?

    When your purchase a burial plot, you are buying the right to be buried (interred) on that land. You are not purchasing outright the title to the land itself. We provide the Right of Interment for a perpetual term, meaning it does not require renewal.

  • How long does it take to have my deposit refunded?

    The security deposit will be refunded upon satisfactory completion of the works, following an inspection by Council’s Engineering Department.

  • How long does it take to obtain a Works Within Road Reserve Permit?

    We allow for 5 days to process if all paperwork is in order

  • How long does the planning process take?

    A decision can be made on the planning permit application after all of the other processes, including notifying referral authorities and adjoining properties, is complete. All decisions are subject to appeal rights and these vary depending on the decision that has been made. All appeals are made through the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

    A decision should be made within 60 statutory days if all required information is received when the application is lodged.

  • How much does it cost to have my pet released from the pound?

    If your pet is impounded for the first time, fees will be waived.

    If you pet is impounded on a second or subsequent occasion, fees will apply prior to release. 

    You may also be liable for infringements, for your pet being at large and if it isn’t registered with Council.

  • How much does it cost to make a Freedom of Information Request?

    The fee to make an FOI application is currently $29.60.   

    The unit fee under the Act is $14.81.  

    Where an application for access is granted, costs may be incurred by you (in addition to the application fee) relating to, amongst other things:

    • Search fees
    • Supervision charges
    • Photocopying charges
    • Providing access in a form other than a photocopy

    To learn more about these fees visit



  • How will my Freedom of Information request be processed?

    You can view our 'at a glance' handout, or visit

  • I am looking at purchasing/selling a business, what do I do about the Council registration?

    Our Environmental Health team can assist you in relation to your business registration with Council. Contact us for further details and to obtain the required forms.

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