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  • How am I entitled to a reduced dog and cat registration fee?

    If your dog or cat meets one or more of the following you will be eligible for a reduced fee.
    If the dog or cat is:
    o    desexed,
    o    over 10 years of age, or
    o    kept for breeding at a registered domestic animal business, or
    o    registered with an applicable organisation and the owner is also a member of that applicable organisation,
    o    a dog that has undergone obedience training with an approved organisations, or
    o    a working dog.

    Applicable organisations are:
    o    Australian National Cats Inc.
    o    Cats Victoria Inc
    o    DOGS Victoria
    o    Feline Control Council (Victoria) Inc.
    o    Greyhound Racing Victoria, and
    o    The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy Australia and Victoria Inc.

    Approved organisations - Obedience Training are:
    o    DOGS Victoria
    o    Australian Association of Professional Dog Trainers Inc.
    o    The Dog Trainers Associations
    o    Four Paws K9 Training

    Pensioner discount only applies to current full Pensioner Concession Card, Department Veteran Affairs TPI or War Widow card holders.

  • How do I apply to view the Register of Interests and Prescribed documents?

    Any person wishing to view Council's Register of Interests or Prescribed Documents must make a written application to the Chief Executive Officer.

  • How do I ask for my road to be graded?

    Council undertake an annual grading program across the Local Road Network, aiming to grade each unsealed road at least once per year, where possible. This is undertaken in a systematic approach, taking into account efficiencies of scale, localities and volume of traffic.

    If you wish to make a complaint regarding the ride quality of an unsealed road or a road maintenance issue, we request that you email us at

    Unsealed Roads operate to a 'Drive to Conditions' philosophy, as per all unsealed roads in the State of Victoria. Council advise drivers to take care when using these roads.

  • How do I ask for my road to be sealed?

    Sealing of a road constitutes a major upgrade in Council Service Delivery and is generally outside of the scope of Council funding. If you wish for your road to be upgraded, please forward your submission to Council for consideration in the Budget process. Include the following:

    • Name of road
    • Start and end point of area proposed for sealing
    • Any other issues or supporting information you wish to be taken into consideration.
  • How do I lodge my application?

    Applications can be lodged via mail, in person over the counter or email.

    The preferred method is electronically by emailing

  • How do I make a Freedom of Information request?

    Requests for access to information under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 should be made in writing by completing the Application for Access to Documents Under the Freedom of Information Act 1982.

  • How do I name a road or a feature in the Municipality?

    Is there a Road or Feature you would like to name?

    Council has delegated authority under the Local Government Act 1989 to Name and Address properties. Strict statutory guidelines need to be followed when naming roads, features and localities.

    The Office of Geographic Names (OGN) has released the booklet  “Naming rules for places in Victoria” to help understand the process. A review of their website will give you a better understanding of what is allowed and not allowed and will assist you with the procedure.

    Naming rules for places in Victoria

    To request a name, please complete Road and Street Naming Application and submit to Council.

    Please ensure that your submission meets the directions as outlined by OGN.

    Road and Street Naming Application 13.08 KB PDF

  • How do I plan an event in Mansfield Shire?

  • How do I plan an event in Mansfield Shire?

  • How do I register my cat or dog?

    If you are registering your cat and dog for the first time you will need to visit Council in person.

    Remember to bring evidence that your dog or cat is microchipped and any supporting information (eg. Desexing certificate etc) that may qualify you for a reduced registration fee.

    Registration renewals can be paid in person or via BPay.

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