• I don't need a rubbish bin; can I just have a recycling bin?

    No, rubbish and recycling bins are part of a combined service and cannot be separated.

  • I don't need a rubbish pick up, do I have to be part of the rubbish and recycling collection?

    It is not optional to participate in Council's rubbish and recycling collection service. All properties within the designated service area, with a dwelling, are required to receive the service.

  • I have a holiday home and don't put my bins out very often. Do I still need to pay for bins on my rates?

    Rubbish and recycling charges are levied to all properties with a dwelling situated along the collection route, regardless of whether the service is required or utilised. Placing bins out for collection is discretionary.

  • When can I change the size of my rubbish bin?

    Ratepayers can change the size of their rubbish bin once per year during the month of May only. New property owners can change the size of their rubbish bin on one occasion at any time during the first year of ownership.

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