What do I need to know about drainage and driveways?

  • When a new driveway crossover is to be constructed (or upgraded), the owner must obtain a Works within Road Reserve Permit so that the Council can give advice regarding the construction standards and whether a pipe (with headwalls) is required alongside the roadway to convey roadside drainage under the crossover. Once completed to Council's satisfaction, all driveway crossings are to be maintained by the home owner. This includes the clearing of any debris collecting in the pipe under the crossing. Council may assist with cleaning where the owner/occupier needs assistance.
  • Roadside drainage in rural areas is designed to keep the road surface free of water so that it does not deteriorate. The roadside drainage, as far as possible, avoids interrupting the normal overland flow patterns to minimise impact on the local environment.
  • Council’s responsibility is limited to ensuring that the road and associated drainage design do not concentrate greater flows onto a property than would be expected were the road not there.
  • Council is responsible for drains located within a Council Road Reserve only. This includes channels and table drains at the side of the road pavement and culverts crossing beneath the road pavement.
  • Council is not responsible for vehicle crossover culverts that allow vehicle access to private land. The landholder is responsible for providing, maintaining and replacing these culverts as required.
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Last Updated: Wednesday, 11 July, 2018 - 10:20