What is the Council Plan?

Our Council Plan outlines the direction of Mansfield Shire Council for a 4 year period.  We’re committed to setting a strategic direction that will deliver key sustainable outcomes for our community. 

Our Plan identifies:

  • the things which we can control
  • the things we can influence through our leadership roles, and
  • the things which are of interest to the Council and the community over which we may have marginal control or influence.

Our Council Plan 2017-21 sits within our planning framework and identifies the main priorities and expectations for the next four years.

The development of the Plan took on board consultation with our communities and stakeholders, as well as input from Councillors and staff.

On an annual basis the Plan is reviewed to take into account any future developments and direction of the Council, and each year through our Annual Reporting process we provide an update on the progress of the outcomes set out in the Plan.

The strategic direction of the Council is outlined in the Plan, and this serves to articulate our aspirations and the initiatives we will undertake the realise them, such as:

  • Participation and partnerships
  • Financial sustainability
  • Community resilience and connectivity
  • Enhanced liveability
  • Responsible Leadership
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Last Updated: Wednesday, 5 August, 2020 - 11:34