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How do I report a problem with a road or footpath?

Council undertakes maintenance of all constructed roads in the municipality with the exception of arterial roads which are the responsibility of Vic Roads.

Road maintenance activities include: 

  • minor road repairs including pothole patches, edge repairs, drain clearing
  • unsealed road grading and repairs
  • footpath safety repairs

All works are considered and prioritised under the Road Management Plan 240KB PDF which is the management system that Council implements to inspect, maintain and repair public roads for which it is the responsible road authority.

Major works are scheduled into the 10 year capital works program.

Report a road issue

Alternatively, you can contact Council on 03 5775 8555 or email to report an issue. Please forward a photo as this will assist assessment and prioritisation.

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Last Updated: Sunday, 27 May, 2018 - 18:37