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  • A customer has made a health complaint against my business, what should I do?

    Our Environmental Health team can provide assistance with information, assessing where the illness may have come from and advise you how to avoid the issue happening again.

  • Are the cemeteries open 24 hours a day?

    Yes, the gates are always open, however there are no staff on site.

  • Can Ashes be interred in locations apart from the niche wall?

    Yes. We have a dedicated lawn area for ashes, or they can be interred in a grave.

  • Can I build a fire bunker?

    Council is keen to reinforce the warning against creating your own fire bunker or buying non-accredited private bushfire shelters, or using ‘storage shelters’ for personal use in the event of a bushfire.

    The Victorian Bushfire Royal Commission found people died in bushfire bunkers and this led to Victoria adopting newly created national regulations for personal fire shelters.

    Information about private bushfire shelters is available on the Victorian Building Authority website at

    More information is also available on the CFA web site or call the Victorian Building Authority on 1300 815 127.

  • Can I obtain a copy of the Agenda at the Council meeting?

    If you are interested in a particular item, we suggest that you download the agenda and any relevant attachments from the website, or if this is not possible, you can request a copy from the Council prior to the day of the meeting.   Council provides minimal hard copies at the Council meeting, and they may not contain the attachments due to the size of the document.

  • Can I pay my rates in full on the 15th February?

    Mansfield Shire Council elected Four (4) Instalments option for Rates & Charges Notices. 

    However, payments are accepted, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or on the due date.  Annual payments must be made prior to the due date to avoid interest charges.

    The due dates are

    • 30 September
    • 30 November
    • 28 February
    • 31 May


    For more information, see

    Local Government Act 1989

    No. 11 of 1989

    Part 8—Rates and Charges on Rateable Land

    Division 2—Payment of rates and charges

    167 Payment of rates and charges

    (1) A Council must allow a person to pay a rate or charge (other than a special rate or charge) in 4 instalments.

    (2) An instalment is due and payable on the date fixed by the Minister by notice published in the Government Gazette.

  • Can I pre-purchase a plot anywhere in the cemetery?

    Pre-purchase is only available in the “old” or memorial section. Plots in the lawn section are sold in turn or “at need” and cannot be pre-purchased.

  • Do I need a building permit for my pool or spa?

    In Victoria, all swimming pools and spas with a water depth of more than 300mm (30cm) must have safety barriers around them to restrict access of young children to the pool area.  The link below explains this more fully, and the related building permit requirements.

  • Do I need a permit to build a driveway?

    Yes, a Works within a Road Reserve Permit is required before any works are undertaken in the nature strip (road reserve). Fees and security deposit do apply.

    Works within a Road Reserve Permit Application

  • Does this include Funeral costs?

    No this is for the plot only. To pre-purchase any other services, please contact your Funeral Director.

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