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Walk High Country Tourism Workshop - Mansfield

Event Date(s) and Time(s)

Wednesday, 27 February, 2019 -
10:00 to 12:00


Event Type: 
Target Audience: 
Tourism Related Business


Mansfield Adult Continuing Education
145 High Street
Mansfield VIC 3722

Contact Details

Event Organising Body: 
Tourism North East
03 5728 2773


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The High Country is well recognised for its abundant and diverse nature-based assets which naturally align with a walking offering. Across the region, walking trails cover a full range of opportunities from short town walks to multi-day wilderness walks. But what do the different walking market segments look like? What are walkers willing to travel for and spend money on? Where do they want to stay? Who will be most valuable segments to target over time? What do our emerging markets look like?

This FREE two-hour session will focus on the key findings from the Walk Tourism Market Segmentation Research Report where we will workshop how your business can best use these findings to capture this market.

It is firmly established that the integration of attractions, and inspiration for how they may be combined to create a multi-day experience, is a pre-requisite for many visitors to commit to travelling to the High Country. Promotion of walking assets therefore presents an opportunity not only to become the primary driver for visitation (e.g. to walk the iconic Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing) but also to consolidate intention to visit (e.g. by inspiring a 1-3 hour activity which is suitable for the whole family).

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