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Council Plan And Budget


Submissions have now closed for the Mansfield Shire Council Plan 2017-21 (including the proposed Strategic Resource Plan 2019-23) and the Mansfield Shire Council Proposed Budget 2019-20.

Budget and Council Plan available for public comment


At the Special Council Meeting on 26 March 2019, Councillors endorsed the Mansfield Shire Council Plan 2017-21 and the Proposed Budget 2019-20 for public exhibition.

Each of these documents is required by legislation.  Further information about each of these documents, and the legislative framework that drives them, is provided below.


The planning and accountability framework is found in part 6 of the Local Government Act 1989 (the Act) and in the associated regulations. The legislation requires councils to prepare the following documents:

  • a council plan within the period of six months after each general election or by 30 June, whichever is later
  • a strategic resource plan for a period of at least four years and include this in the council plan
  • a budget for each financial year
  • an annual report for each financial year.

The following diagram shows the relationships between the key planning and reporting documents that make up the planning and accountability framework for local government. It also shows that there are opportunities for community and stakeholder input at each stage of the planning and reporting cycle.

planning and accountability framework


The Council Plan 2017-21 (the Plan) is a four year plan that was developed during the first year of the current Council's term.  The Plan outlines Council's strategic directions and objectives for the ensuing four year term.

In accordance with the Local Government Act 1989 (the Act) the Plan must be reviewed annually and made available for public review and comment.

There have been minor amendments made to the Plan during the 2019 review, primarily to expand the application of a number of objectives across additional years and to reflect changes in the internal staffing structure of Council.

The revised Plan also includes the proposed Strategic Resource Plan 2019-23 (the SRP).

The SRP drives the allocation of resources (both financial and non-financial) and the development of both short and medium term financial strategies.  The SRP outlines how resources will be allocated over a rolling four year period, whilst the supporting Proposed Budget 2019-20 (the Budget) provides greater details as to how resources will be used to deliver the Plan over the next twelve month period. 

Key new initiatives funded in the SRP include:

  • development of a public open space strategy
  • a review of the planning scheme over two years
  • preparation of a business plan for improved operation of the Performing Arts Centre
  • building strategic capacity within a relevant organisational structure
  • continuing to develop web capability for an improved customer experience 

The capital works program totals $37.1 million across the four years of the SRP.  Of this, $19.1m (51%) relates to renewal, $7.6m (20%) to upgrades of existing infrastructure and $10.4m (27%) to new infrastructure projects including:

  • a new dual court indoor multi-use sports stadium, in conjunction with the Department of Education and Mansfield Secondary College
  • Installation of a new radio frequency identification system at the library which will modernise and automate many library functions in relation to the checking in/out and cataloguing of books
  • a new footpath along Mt Buller road between Timothy Lane and Highton Lane to improve pedestrian safety in the area
  • rejuvenation of the Mansfield Wetlands, including dredging and de-silting
  • renewal of the playground facilities at the Mansfield Botanic Park
  • a new pavilion at the Lords Oval (carried forward from 2018-19 budget)


The Proposed Budget 2019-20 (the Budget) is a document that is prepared annually.  It includes information on the Council's forecast financial position for the current financial year, the budget for the next financial year, and a further 3 year outlook in support of the SRP.  The Budget also includes the proposed fees and charges for Council services in 2019-20.

When preparing the Budget officers apply Council's Financial Strategy Policy which dictates key assumptions that should be used when planning future financial impacts. 

The Budget is underpinned by the assumption that Council will be successful in its application to the Essential Services Commission for a variation to the rate cap.  For more information on this application, refer to the Essential Services Commission website at  If the application is not successful Council will be required to prepare a revised Budget, and this will be released for further community engagement at a later date.


Engagement Update

Engagement Update: 


Councillors will make a final decision on the 2019-20 Mansfield Shire Council Budget and 2017-21 revised Council Plan at the Special Council Meeting 25 June 2019.



Councillors will consider all submissions at a Special Council Meeting on 28 May 2019.

All submitters should have received an acknowledgement email or letter informing you of the date and time of the meeting, and a reminder that you must advise Council in writing if you wish to make a deputation.

If you have not received an acknolwedgement by Monday 20 May please contact council on 5775 8555 to confirm we have received and logged your submission.



The Draft Rating Strategy 2019-20 is part of the rate cap variation application and can be found on the ESC website (link in the box on the right hand side of this page), or here.



Thankyou to all who attended our community forums in Mansfield and Melbourne.  As always, it was a great opportunity for Councillors to hear your concerns and answer your queries.

For those unable to attend, a copy of the presentation is attached here.


How You Can Be Involved

How You Can Be Involved: 


Two community forums will be held during the public exhibition period.  Councillors, the Chief Executive Officer and Senior Officers will be at the forums to provide a general overview of Council services and projects, the Budget and the Council Plan.  Question time will also be facilitated, and Council welcome and encourage the attendance by any member of the public at either or both forums. 

forum times and venues


Presentations delivered at the forums will be made available afterward online, via this page.


Ratepayers and members of the community are entitled to make a submission to the Proposed Budget and/or the Council Plan (including Strategic Resource Plan).

Submissions must be clearly identified as such and made in writing, addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Alex Green.  Submissions can be delivered by any of the following methods:

  • email:
  • post:  Private Bag 1000, Mansfield VIC 3724
  • in person to Customer Service:  33 Highett Street, Mansfield

All written submissions are public documents and will form a public report to Council.  Council will consider all submissions before making a final decision on an adopted Budget and Council Plan.

All submitters have to right to speak in support of their submission (ie. make a verbal deputation) at the Special Meeting of Council on 28 May 2019.

If you wish to make a deputation, you must request this in writing as part of your submission.

All submissions must be received by Council no later than 5:00pm Tuesday 14 May 2019.  Council are not obliged to consider any submissions received after this time.


Council meeting conduct is governed by legislation and local law and as such is very formal.  Speaking to Council can be daunting for those unfamiliar with the Council Chamber and ordinary council proceedings, so here are some tips and tricks you may wish to follow to make it easier.

  • Provide new information
    • Councillors will have already received a copy of your written submission, and will have read it prior to the meeting, so try not to simply re-read your written submission to them.  Instead, enhance your submission by adding new information or expanding on the points you raised.
  • Practise and check your timing
    • Local Law allows 3 minutes for each deputation.  This is designed to allow everyone their right to speak.  It may not seem like a lot, but when there are over 30 people wishing to speak this becomes over 1.5hrs of deputations.  Practice beforehand and check your timing, otherwise you may find the Mayor winding you up before you get to your most important point.
  • Provide 7 copies of supporting information
    • If you intend to hand around pictures or other additional information, please bring at least 7 copies.  This allows one for each of the five Councillors, one for the CEO and one for the minute taker. 
  • Be prepared for questions
    • It is important to remember that deputations are not question time.  You will not be able to ask questions of Councillors or Officers during this time or enter into debate.  However, when you have finished your 3 minute deputation the Mayor will offer Councillors the opportunity to ask you questions, and you will have the opportunity to respond.


What Happens Next

What Happens Next: 

Submissions have now closed.

Council considered all submissions and the officer report at a Special Council Meeting scheduled for 28 May 2019.

At this meeting those submitters who requested the opportunity made a verbal deputation before Council.

Council will deliver and adopt the final Budget and Council Plan at the Special Council Meeting scheduled for 25 June 2019.

After Council adoption of the Budget and Council Plan, officers will respond individually to all submitters outlining Council's decision in relation to their submission.













17 April 2019:  Community engagement commences

1 May 2019:  Community Forum (Mansfield)

7 May 2019:  Community Forum (Melbourne)

14 May 2019:  Community engagement closes

28 May 2019:  Special Council Meeting to consider submissions

25 June 2019:  Special Council Meeting to adopt final Budget and Council Plan

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