Annual Report 2020-21

Under Section 99 of the Local Government Act 2020, Council is required to prepare an Annual Report containing:

  1. a report of its operations during the financial year;
  2. an audited performance statement;
  3. audited financial statements;
  4. a copy of the auditor’s report on the performance statement, prepared under section 132;
  5. a copy of the auditor’s report on the financial statements under Part 3 of the Audit Act 1994
  6. any other matter required by the regulations.
  7. In accordance with section 99 of the Act, the Annual Report 2020-21 will be considered by Council at the Council Meeting on 21 December 2021 at 5pm.

Hard copies are available for viewing at our Customer Service Centre (33 Highett Street, Mansfield) and the Mansfield Library (2 Collopy Street, Mansfield).