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Website Help
Although our website is intended to be intuitive, this page provides some extra help and tips on using the site.

Mansfield Shire Council
33 Highett Street
Mansfield VIC 3722
Telephone: 03 5775 8555
Email: council@mansfield.vic.gov.au

Office Hours
Monday -Friday:  8:15am to 5:00pm

Postal Address
Mansfield Shire Council
Private Bag 1000
Mansfield Vic 3724

Council's contact information also appears at the footer of every page on this site.

Towards the top left of every page is a list of the pages traversed to arrive at and including the current page. These are called breadcrumbs. For example:

Council Services >> Finance >> Rates

Each of the pages above the current page can be clicked on, enabling a shortcut method for navigating back up the current menu branch.

For easier reading of the pages in our website, you can click the Larger Text (A+) link in the header area of our pages. The website has been specifically designed to ensure that it is compliant with worldwide standards for disability access. The site is W3C Level A compliant, with additional features from Level AA and Level AAA.

The design of the site is simple and easy to move around. Major services have been grouped into categories on the main menu, so that you can easily find and access the information you require.

On the right of every page is "Quick Links", which provides access to the most frequently accessed pages. Most Pages also have  “More in this Section” which provides easy access to sub pages in the same category.

Also included is a site map, search and an A-Z index for those who like to navigate a site in this way. These options can be found in the header and/or footer of every page on this site.

The site map provides an overview of the site, listing every page. It is like the “table of contents” of our website.

The Search facility performs a text search of all pages on the site and delivers the most relevant results.

The A-Z site Index sorts pages alphabetically for users who like to use this method of navigation.  For Example: if a user was looking for Rates, they would click on R and then click on Rates

Our site is best viewed using:
Firefox 4 (or higher)

Most links to other websites, on-line forms or downloads appear to the right of each page. Occasionally some links, such as e-mail addresses are included in the body of the page.

We have attempted to keep PDF downloads to a minimum; however there are certain instances where PDF's are necessary. We have used Adobe® Acrobat® X (10.1) Pro for our PDF's. To view PDF files you will need Adobe® Reader®, which can be downloaded by clicking on the icon below 
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Customer Feedback
We welcome any feedback you may have about the website.  A feedback form is available by clicking here.