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Australian Alps National Landscape Tourism Strategy
The Australian Alps National Landscape Tourism Strategy is an industry focussed document which has been developed by tourism and conservation agencies to plan a sustainable direction for one of Australia’s leading tourism destinations – the Australian Alps.

The Australian Alps Steering Committee which launched the guide on April11, 2010 says this clarifies world-class tourism experiences as the result of extensive collaboration and consultation across the ACT, NSW and Victoria.

The initiative links conservation and tourism together and provides an excellent opportunity for people to have healthy park experiences within dynamic tourism areas

The strategy, which outlines priorities for each of the main clusters across the Alps with Mansfield Mt Buller being one such cluster, identifies and prioritises opportunities to fill gaps in the Australian Alps tourism offer.

The focus of the paper is to develop and deliver world-class experiences that inspire and capture “the spirit of the challenge”. The document highlights the strong link between robust park environments and the well-being of people who visit such parks.

The National Landscapes program is a partnership between regional tourism and conservation organisations at a State, Territory and local level and is supported by Tourism Australia and Parks Australia at a Federal level. National Landscapes is developing as one of the programs marketed by Tourism Australia.