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Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan

Mansfield Shire Council  recognises that good health and wellbeing is essential to a healthy and vibrant community. To support the health of our communities, Council develops a 4 year strategic plan - the Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan.

At its October 2013 meeting, Council adpoted the Mansfield Shire Municipal Health and Wellbeing Plan 2013-17 (MPHWP).

The plan identifies the health status of the Mansfield Shire community and address the most pressing health issues for the next four years. It promotes partnerships and networks, highlights local health issues, involves all areas of Council and relevant local organisations and describes the links to regional, state and national health priorities. The plan also outlines Council's plan of action for the next four years in response to these needs and priorities.

The MPHWP  and Implementation Report is available by clicking the link on the right or by contacting Council for a copy.