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Electronic Gaming Machines (EGMs)
Mansfield Shire Responsible Gambling Policy and Action Plan

In 2004 Council adopted the Responsible Gambling Policy and Action Plan, which sought to provide certainty to the community about its stance on electronic gaming machines (EGM’s). A copy of this Policy can be accessed under Download Files on the right hand side of this page.

A review of this policy commenced in 2009 given significant changes have occurred in gaming regulation since the initial policy was developed.

As part of this review Council commissioned an independent consultancy Wallis Consulting Group to undertake a survey of Community Attitudes towards Electronic Gaming Machines (EGMs) in the Shire. The survey has been now undertaken and a report received by the Council at its meeting of 15 June 2010.

The findings and executive summary together with the full report can be accessed under Download Files on the right hand side of this page.

The key points from the executive summary are as follows:
  • The majority of residents are not against redevelopment of pubs and hotels in the Mansfield Shire per se, but if EGMs are included in the plans then the majority is against redevelopment irrespective of their location.
  • Support for the redevelopment of existing hotels falls dramatically when EGMs are introduced. The majority opposed this kind of development, particularly residents and temporary residents who have lived or owned a property in the Shire for more than 10 years.
  • The majority of residents oppose the introduction of EGMs in central Mansfield. They are concerned about the number of EGMs already in the Shire and all but a very small minority do not believe there is room for more of them. Many residents are concerned that poker machines can have a negative impact on the community – both socially and financially.
Whilst there are no direct social impacts resulting from the survey, the survey results do raise matters such as the social impacts (positive and negative) of gaming within the Shire.

Mansfield Shire Economic and Social Impact Submission to the Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation (VCGR)

Liquor Choice Pty Ltd has applied to the VCGR for a new gaming premises licence for 29 EGM’s at the Delatite Hotel.

Council had an opportunity to submit an Economic and Social Impact Statement to the Commission in response to the application, using the prescribed format specified by the Commission. Due to the size of the submission, the document has been split into several documents to minimise download times under Download Files on the right hand side of this page.

After consultation with social service providers in the Shire a comprehensive document was submitted to the VCGR highlighting the following:
  • There is overwhelming evidence that there is significant concern within the Shire about adverse social and economic impacts arising from this application;
  • The survey of businesses in the Shire found that there was no perceived economic benefit from the application;
  • The ratio of EGM’s per 1000 of the total population is 41% higher than Regional Victoria and some 47% higher than Victoria as a whole;
  • The ratio of EGM’s per 1000 of the adult population is 38% higher than Regional Victoria and 47% above that for Victoria;
  • The ratio of persons per gaming venue and the number of adults per gaming venue will be between 48 – 72% less than State or Regional ratios (ie there are far fewer people per venue proposed in Mansfield Shire).
Liquor Choice Pty Ltd have until 11 December 2010 to submit further comment to the VCGR in response to the Shire’s submission and then a public hearing will be held early in 2011 at the Commission.