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Council recognises the importance of maintaining high levels of immunisation coverage to protect the individual and the community from a range of serious communicable diseases.

As a leader in this area of public health protection, Council has adopted a community based approach where it will provide an efficient service, assist other providers and raise the profile of immunisation generally.

Following a 2005 review of the service and after discussion with the General Practice operators, Council endorses a move away from it's monthly public sessions and now only provides an immunisation delivery service to those attending schools. This decision was underpinned by the following:
  • The capacity of the Medical Clinics to offer the service
  • The ability of the Medical Clinics to waive any fees when necessary
  • An increased ability to meet parents desire to receive the immunisation at a time that suited them
  • Limited numbers supporting Council's service provision
  • Government rebates for immunisation delivery heavily weighted toward GP service delivery
Council continues to attend the local schools for scheduled immunisations (Year 7 boys and girls Gardisal Vaccine, Year 10 ADT/Boostrix) resulting in 3 visits during the school year to deliver the vaccines to those participating.

Changes to the Immunisation Schedule

The immunisation schedule is constantly under review as vaccinations are developed and refined and safer vaccines are developed. Unless otherwise ststed in the schedule, the vaccine is provided free of charge by the Government, however an administration fee may be levied.

Immunisation History

Immunisation given by Council and Private Practitioners (GPs) are reported to the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register which was established in 1996. Details of post immunisation history can be required if a student changes school, plans overseas travel or enters further study such as nursing courses. Records can be obtained from the service provider or by contacting the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register on 1800 653 809 or email acir@medicareaustralia.com.au.

Parents are automatically sent an immunisation history statement when their child turns 1,2 and 5 years old and can be requested at any time.

We welcome any feedback on our service as a way to measure and improve our performance. If you have a request or complaint please contact the Senior Environmental Health Officer Kevin Murphy on 5775 8544.

For further information related to Immunisation contact the Immunisation Co-ordinator on 5775 8540 or email council@mansfield.vic.gov.au.