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Caravan Parks
Public Caravan Parks must be registered in accordance with the Residential Tenancies (Caravan Parks and Movable Dwellings Registration and Standards) Regulations 2010.

If the Caravan Park also sells Food (e.g. Grocery Items, Milk, Confectionery) then they must also register under the Food Act 1984.

Registration Fees
Caravan Parks require renewal of registration on a 3 yearly basis commencing October 2010 and the legislation nominates the fee payment based on the number of sites (long term and short term) with no fee payable for unserviced campsites. Registration needs to be lodged by 1st October and licences are valid for 3 years.

Transfer of Registration applies to Caravan Parks if Management changes occur.

Fees determined by Council at its September 2010 meeting are based on the number of sites within the caravan park:
  • 34 fee units for up to 50 sites
  • 60 fee units for up to 75 sites
  • 68 fee units for up to 100 sites
  • 80 fee units for up to 150 sites
  • 100 fee units for up to 200 sites.
NB: A fee unit is determined by the Monetary Units Act 2004 - currently $14.22 and Council will accept pro-rata payment for the 3 yearly registration fee in equal yearly instalments.
The legislation also requires the development of detailed emergency management plans to Council satisfaction - prepared in consultation with the emergency service agencies.

Transfer of Registration applies to Caravan Parks if Management changes occur.

In relation to site development, Unregisterable Movable Dwelllings (UMDs) and annexes require Council consent prior to erection. Planning Permits may also be required for the “development or works”. Other structural developments at an individual site e.g. fly over caravan or annexe, decking, storage shed etc. also need to be referred to Council for verification in regard to structural design and separation distances. A full copy of the requirements to be met is contained in the above Regulations and Schedule 3 of the Regulations - see the information sheet listed above:
  • Park owner complete and lodge the attached Notice to Council form with supporting attachments including detailed plans and certification to Councils Environmental Health Services.
  • Once the plans have been approved, you may begin work
  • Council's Environmental Health Officers are available for consultation during the process.
  • On completion of the project, attach a 'Compliance Plate' to the front of the development and provide the Park owner and Council with an Installation Certificate. The Council template should assist.

For building projects, a building permit will also be required.