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Public Health Services
Our Officers deal with an interesting variety of public health enquiries, and through cooperation as the predominant approach, we enforce legislation aimed at protecting and promoting public health. Our various programs include:
  • Food premises licensing and regulation
  • Septic system installation assessments and permits.
  • Immunisation provided at secondary schoolsand campuses.
  • Enforcement of appropriate standards for other registerable premises.
  • Investigating illness reports such as gastroenteritis and other infectious diseases.
  • Provision of advice, guidance and monitoring standards at public use pools and spas.
  • Test purchasing at retail premises selling cigarettes together with education & enforcement activity at liquor licensed and other dining premises in relation to tobacco.
Provision of similar ‘health’ services occurs under contract in the adjoining Mt Buller-Mt Stirling Alpine Resorts.

We aim to continue to improve our ability to monitor and educate proprietors of food and other registered premises, and carry out additional services now expected by the community and the State Government.

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