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Planning Permits and Applications
What to submit with an application for a planning permit
  • Covering letter
  • Application form
  • Application fee
  • Current copy of title (no older than 100 days)
  • Site context plan, drawn to scale showing:
    • Site shape, dimensions and size (two A3 copies)
    • Existing and proposed buildings
    • Distance between existing structures and to the nearest boundaries
    • Access
    • Orientation and slope
    • Native vegetation, flora and fauna or any other biodiversity assets
    • Natural physical features, including waterways, drainage lines and significant habitat and wildlife corridors
    • Any other notable features or characteristics of the site or area, including features of architectural, historic or scientific significance or areas of natural scenic beauty or importance.
  • Development plans, drawn to scale, (two A3 copies) including:
    • floor and elevation plans
    • schedule of external materials, colours and finishes