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Planning Scheme
What is a Planning Scheme?
The Planning Scheme sets out the ‘do’s and don’ts’ in terms of how the Shire is to be developed. It aims to protect all that the Shire is recognised for and at the same time allow it to grow and prosper as other people discover what Mansfield has to offer.
The Planning Scheme needs to be flexible enough to protect the very reason people are attracted to the region and at the same time, facilitate the ability for more people to experience the lifestyle on offer.

Two planning levels - state wide & local
In the late 1990’s the format of Planning Schemes changed. The restructure of Local Government saw the introduction of a two tiered approach to planning across the state in the form of the State Planning Policy Framework (SPPF) and Victorian Planning Provisions (VPP’s) as one level and the municipal Planning Scheme, for each Local Government Area, as the second level.
The state framework and policies cover all issues deemed to be relatively ‘uniform’ across the state. The local issues are dealt with by the municipal Planning Scheme and various ‘localised’ policies which must comply with the state controls, but can be tailored to suit the specifics of the Municipality.

How will it affect Mansfield Shire?
What we have done with the Mansfield Planning Scheme, is to take all that has worked for the shire in the past and build it into a brand new set of guidelines, policies and strategic directions (or rules and regulations in everyday language), which bring the governance of the shire into line with modern society, changing growth patterns, improved environmental intelligence, and clear vision for the future.

What are the components of a scheme?
There are three components to a Planning Scheme and it is important that the community is aware of the roles they all play in the development process.

Municipal Strategic Statement
The Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS) ‘paints the picture’ of what the vision for the various components of the shire are for the next 30 years and suggests the best way of achieving these results. ‘It is the roadmap to follow’ in order to realise the vision and achieve the desired results.

The Local Planning Policy Framework (LPPF) is where the shire sets out a host of policies to build on what the MSS suggests should occur, when looking to develop or protect the shire’s built or natural assets. These policies will usually be specific to a site or region within the Shire and will set out clear guidelines of what is and isn’t acceptable within those areas.

Finally, the zoning maps, schedules and overlays are designed to nominate the various criteria that land is covered by and sets very clear size, setback, use and development ‘rules’ within the various zones.

What Zoning applies to a property and what does it mean?
Please click on the following link Mansfield Planning Scheme. This will take you to the scheme on the DPCD website. To locate the information you require there are two options on the left hand side of the screen to choose from Planning Maps Online or Planning Property Report .