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Council controls regulated parking areas within Mansfield Shire.

Free parking is available within these areas. Penalties are incurred for overstaying the sign posted time limit in parking bays and in loading zones.

Parking Infringement Notices may be paid at the Shire Offices in Highett Street, Mansfield and should be paid within 28 days of the issued date to prevent additional charges. For Details phone (03) 5775 8555.

Parking - Commercial Loading Zones

The legal use of commercial loading zones allows three categories of vehicles to use such zones for the legal maximum time period. These categories are:

  • Any truck or utility built for the carrying of goods, or
  • Any vehicle that is permanently sign-written (painted) or displays a magnetic or other sticker so as to clearly indicate to Council that the vehicle is being used in connection with a commercial business, or
  • Any vehicle that has attached to it a commercial identification label.
Parking - Disabled Permits

Disabled Permit and applications are available from the Shire Offices at Highett Street, Mansfield.

To be eligible for a permit, the application form must be completed by your local medical practitioner and you must be a permanent resident of the Shire.

Unauthorised parking within a disabled zone will incur a $159 fine.