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Works Within A Road Reserve


Council consent is required before works are undertaken within a Municipal Road Reserve, that is, works undertaken between property boundaries (usually the fence lines) on either side of a Council managed road. (Note: Works proposed on an arterial road also require a Works Within Road Reserve Permit but these are obtained from VicRoads who are the coordinating authority for arterial roads).

Works within a road reserve must not commence until an application form has been completed, submitted to Council for approval with appropriate fees and approved by Council.

Typical work undertaken within a road reserve includes the construction and/or installation of:

-  Vehicle crossings – property access, driveway crossovers, concrete or gravel, urban or rural 
-  Utility Service connections (e.g. plumbing connection to water main) 
-   Drainage connections (e.g. house drain connections to piped drainage in road or to kerb)

The property owner is responsible for the construction and maintenance of any of the above works and all works must be in accordance with Council’s design requirements and/or standard drawings.

If you engage a contractor to do the works, you may ask them to undertake the permit process on your behalf, however it is highly recommended you ask to see their public liability insurance policy. The application form requires public liability insurance details of the contractor.

It is the landowners (or their contractors) responsibility to ensure that any proposed work will not conflict with any existing utility services. It is suggested that you or your contractor contact Dial Before You Dig by calling 1100 or visiting www.1100.com.au to obtain information on the location of in-ground services such as telecommunications, power, water, drainage and gas reticulation.

If any works are to be undertaken on a roadway, a Traffic Management Plan may be required. Council’s Engineering Department will inform you of this requirement.

For more information about Working Within a Road Reserve, please see the VicRoads publication “Guide to working in the Road Reserve”. A copy of this guide is available from the VicRoads website via the related link on this page.

Emergency works:

Where emergency works are required after-hours (such as a broken water connection) refer to the “Standard Conditions of Consent” Section 7. An application should be completed and submitted to Council on the next working day.

Native Vegetation Removal:

Please note that a permit is required from Council’s Planning Department for the removal of any native vegetation on a road reserve.

How do I obtain a permit?

1. Obtain a Works Within A Road Reserve Permit Application form from the Council Website or direct from the Council Offices.

2. Complete the application form and include any other supplementary information as required to support the permit. Please ensure you read the Notes on page 1 and understand the “Standard Conditions of Consent” on page 5 of the application form.

3. Forward a copy of the completed and signed application form to Council along with required fee and refundable security deposit as noted on page 3 of the application. If you are unsure of the required fees, please contact Council’s Engineering Department.

4. Payments of the applicable fees and security deposit where necessary, are to be made over the counter at the Shire office, by phone or mail. A receipt will be issued.

Applications may be sent to:

By Post:
Mansfield Shire Council
Private Bag 1000
Mansfield Vic 3722

By Email:

33 Highett Street, Mansfield

All cheques should to be made payable to "Mansfield Shire Council".

5. Once the application has been received and fees paid, Council’s Engineering Department will then review the application - please note that a site inspection may be required and this process may take up to five (5) business days.

6. Notification of Successful Application, including a permit number will be made to the applicant following a review of the application.

7. Works may only begin once the applicant has received an approved permit.

8. Upon completion of the works, the applicant must notify Council to arrange a post-completion inspection.

9. Refund of the security deposit will be made only when the works and any remedial works deemed necessary have been completed to the satisfaction of Council’s Engineering Department.

What fees do I have to pay?

There is a fee payable for a Works Within A Road Reserve permit based on the work type and the road classification. The fees are expressed in a table shown on page 2 of the application form with typical examples also shown. Fees are based on a standard fee unit set by the Road Management (Works Infrastructure) Regulations 2015, which is updated each year.

A refundable security deposit is also payable, with the amount determined by the type of work being undertaken and potential for damage to Council infrastructure.

The security deposit will be refunded upon satisfactory completion of the works, following an inspection by Council’s Engineering Department.