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Governance is the way by which councils are held accountable.  It requires councils to operate within the spirit and intent of relevant legislation, and encompasses accountability to the community and elected representatives by Council members and staff by supporting open and transparent decision making processes, establishing effective planning frameworks and monitoring the efficiency and effectiveness of operations.

At Mansfield Shire Council, good governance incorporates the key principles of leadership, integrity, participation, engagement, accountability, transparency (openness) and responsiveness.  We are required to work towards transparency, equitability, legal compliance, efficiency, participation, responsiveness and consensus.

It is part of Council’s commitment to accountable governance and ensuring that the right systems, processes, skills and behaviours are in place.

Good governance involves two types of governance:

  • Democratic governance (elected Councillors and the authority they have to make decisions); and
  • Corporate governance (the way in which Council is run and the framework in which its systems and processes operate).
For more information please contact Council by telephoning (03) 5775 8555 or by emailing council@mansfield.vic.gov.au