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Worldwide Clean Up Mansfield Day

Mansfield Australia is joining forces with other Mansfields around the world to make Mansfield the cleanest place/s in the world!!

On Wednesday 2 April, our residents will be encouraged to help rid our town and Shire of litter, graffiti and dumped waste. On the same day, residents in Mansfield South Australia, England and America will be doing the same.

The inititative was the brainchild of the waste management officer in Mansfield England, and has the potential to become a really big day on our calendar.

Our Waste Management Officer, Rebecca Kirley is driving the Mansfield Victoria effort.

"We will be encouraging everyone to pick up at least one peice of litter during the day," she said.

"Community groups and schools will also be supported to clean up their patch."

"You will also Council staff and staff from other large organisations out on the day, doing their bit to make Mansfield spic and span."

As more details come to hand, they will be posted on this page.

For more information about the Clean Up Mansfield Day, contact Rebecca on 5775 8580


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