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Mansfield Shire Environment Strategy

At its meeting of 18 September 2012, Council endorsed the Mansfield Shire Environment Strategy.

Council Officer’s have undertaken extensive research and consultation to collate and develop the Strategy, which outlines where Mansfield Shire is currently positioned in regards to its work in this field. The Strategy identifies Council’s key achievements to date and the gaps which have become the focus of the implementation for the next five years.

Accompanying the Strategy is an Executive Summary which is an outline of the Strategy in simplified and concise language. The intent of this document is to provide the reader with as much information as possible about the Strategy without the detail and technical jargon of the Strategy.

On 21 May 2013 Council further resolved that the Mansfield Shire Environment Action Plan 2013-17 will specifically target the following three key areas:

  1. The control of pest plants and animals
  2. Waste water management with a particular emphasis on the completion of a Waste Water Management Plan
  3. Roadside conservation and management

In September 2015, a review of the three priorities was undertaken given the progress made against each of them.  This resulted in additional priority areas being added for implementation.  The additional priorities are:

  1. Implement biodiversity initiatives
  2. Implement Great Victorian Rail Trail management initiatives
  3. Develop a project management checklist

Click the following link to view Mansfield Shire Council Environment Action Plan 2013 - 2017

Go to Download Files (right of page) for a copy of the Strategy and Executive Summary

Any queries regarding the Environment Strategy should be directed to Council’s Environment Officer Damien Gerrans on 03 5775 8555.