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Environment and Waste Management
Creating a sustainable environment is one of Mansfield Shire Council's key strategies.

We embrace our responsibility as custodian of community resources by aiming to achieve maximum benefit to the community through appropriate development that is balanced with the need to value and enhance our natural environment.

This includes properly managing, developing, protecting, restoring, enhancing and conserving the environment of the area for which we are responsible.

The service functions of Council, that have an impact on the environment, include the provision, management and operation of:
  • Environmental conservation, protection and improvement services and facilities;
  • Waste removal, treatment and disposal services and facilities;
  • Energy production, supply and conservation;
  • Water, sewerage, drainage works and facilities;
  • Stormwater drainage and flood prevention, protection and mitigation services and facilities;
  • Fire prevention, protection and mitigation services and facilities;
  • Land and property development;
  • Provision and development of roads and infrastructure;
  • Community education.