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Emergency Ready Trivia

Welcome to Emergency Ready Trivia - the game that makes learning about emergency readiness a whole lot of fun.

Emergency Ready poses emergency readiness, response and recovery questions across a range of risks including bush and house fire, flood, storm and heatwave and can be adapted for specific demographics, risks and localities.

The project was developed by Mansfield Shire Council (through CFA SFSLI funding) in response to difficulties experienced in attracting people to attend emergency readiness education sessions.

The game was launched in Mansfield on 3 April 2017 with around 40 people from across the Shire taking part in the inaugural game.  Feedback from the evening shows the participants learnt a lot about emergency readiness while having great fun.

The greatest benefit of Emergency Ready Mansfield is the participants’ learning from their peers through storytelling and teamwork, with the experts (emergency services and council representatives) enhancing the learnings through sharing their experience and knowledge at the right moments. This is a very effective method of community engagement and education.

The Emergency Ready game package includes:

  • a database of 150+ draft questions relating to overall emergency readiness, bushfire, flood, storm and heatwave so the game can be designed to deliver specific messages
  • a professionally designed trivia game template
  • logos
  • a flyer
  • a user guide
  • a sample game - the game played at the Emergency Ready launch in Mansfield.

Due to the enthusiastic response Emergency Ready Mansfield has received, the project has been extended and the game has been generically packaged for wide distribution.The package elements are available on the links below:

Emergency Ready Trivia User Guide

Emergency Ready Trivia Questions

Emergency Ready Trivia Generic Presentation Template

Emergency Ready Mansfield Trivia game presentation template

Emergency Ready Trivia Sample Feedback Form

Emergency Ready Trivia game example - CFA Community Educators Forum

Logos are available for promotions and reports - contact Sue Arndt on 03 5775 8558 or sue.arndt@mansfield.vic.gov.au

Any questions about Emergency Ready or requests for assistance should be directed to Sue Arndt on the contacts above.