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Youth Services


Mansfield Shire Council recognises that young people are not only part of our future, but a really important part of our now. Council’s Youth Services are aimed at tapping into the contributions that young people can make and providing the support that they need.

Youth Charter

Youth Charter LogoTo formalize their commitment to young people and encourage the broader community, including young people, to get on board Mansfield Shire Council has developed a Youth Charter.

You may of heard of the term ‘youth charter’, there’s a lot of local government youth charters around, but what exactly is a youth charter? And what is it all about in Mansfield?

A youth charter is generally a way for Council to acknowledge the importance of young people and the unique contributions they make to the community. Adopting a youth charter shows a commitment to working with and for young people as valued community members.

The Mansfield Shire Youth Charter covers all of that, but there’re a few extras. Mansfield Shire Council recognise that they aren’t the only ones that influence the culture of our community and that really great things happen when the whole of community are behind it.

So the Mansfield Shire Council have come up with a Youth Charter that can not only be used by Council, but by the broader community including young people. Yes, you can put up your hand up and get on board!

Please contact Jodie Bell for more information on (03) 5775 8559 or email Jodie.bell@mansfield.vic.gov.au


It’s important that we keep track of what youth services are available in Mansfield and make sure that those services are working together for the benefit of young people in our community. That’s what the Mansfield Youth Service Providers Network is all about.

MYSPN provides a forum for youth service providers to discuss and plan services to further the wellbeing of young people in our community, access information and inspiration that will strengthen their services and is a collective that represents and acts for the rights and needs of young people in our community.

  • Is not a working group.
  • Gatherings are full of information exchange, issues analysis, concept development and planning for work.
  • Is about working smarter, not more work.
  • Please contact Jodie regarding meeting information. The first hour is information exchange for members. The second hour is open to the broader community and features an interactive panel on a focus topic.
  • Membership is free and any organisation or individual who provides youth services in Mansfield Shire can and is encouraged to join. Are you an outreach worker to Mansfield? Tie your trip in with meetings to really value add to your time in our community. Want to keep in the loop, but can’t make it to our gatherings?
Take up the virtual membership option and receive correspondence and provide your input via email.

Organisations or individuals can request a spot on the monthly agenda to present information or consult with the group on all things youth in Mansfield. Or you can get to the local youth sector through the monthly newsletter which is distributed to all members.

For more information, to get a spot on our agenda, to use our newsletter or to sign up for something bigger contact the MYSPN Administrator, Jodie Bell on (03) 5775 8559 or e-mail Jodie.bell@mansfield.vic.gov.au.

Youth Development Worker

Mansfield Shire Council contracts a Youth Development Worker (Jodie Bell)  through North East Support and Action for Youth (NESAY).  Jodie is at CaféConnect and works Tuesday - Friday. You can drop in and visit her during CaféConnect opening hours on these days or make an appointment to see her another time.

Jodie's job includes:
  • Coordinates the Mansfield Youth Service Providers Network and helps make sure that a range of youth services actively service Mansfield Shire.
  • Assisting Council in decision making processes around young people. She develops programs that connects young people with their community.
  • Working in CaféConnect to help make sure that it’s youth friendly and that young people are getting that bit extra by going in there.
  • Being a point of contact for any young person to any type of support that they need whether it be health, legal, housing or just how to make something happen in their community.
  • Acting as an advocate for young people within the broader community by increasing awareness of young people - their celebrations and their issues

Jodie Bell
Youth Development Worker
Erril Street, Mansfield
Phone: 5775 8559
Text: 0408385992


The Mansfield Shire Youth Card has a list of names and numbers you’ll need if you want fast access to youth support. You can pick up one of these cards from Café Connect.

Café Connect



Café Connect is a venue designed by the youth of Mansfield as a safe, fun place to be for Mansfield Youth between the ages 12—25.


The Youth Centre is a place for young people to enjoy leisure, events, services and activities in a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment under adult supervision.

Opening hours

Tuesday                               2pm — 6pm

Wednesday                         3pm — 7pm

      Thursday                             2:30pm — 6pm

   Friday                                 2pm — 10pm

Phone:   5779 1082 

 We are located at 7 Erril Street

Computer access is free of charge for Mansfield youth.

Please respect our drug and alcohol free space.

Café Connect is an internet café designed by the youth of Mansfield for 12 to 25 year olds.

The 'Adept' FReeZA Committee

The FReeZA committee, 'Adept', is a group of young people aged between 12 - 25 years of age, who coordinate and implement youth focused events within the community (for youth, by youth).

Each year the team decide on what events to deliver. They then plan and implement an array of music and cultural events, such as the annual 'Phruntsyde Skate Jam' and 'Rock Out' events.

Other cultural events that have been delivered in the past are: street art workshops, short film workshops, and photography workshops.

What we can offer you!!

  • To be part of a vibrant team of young people who are interested in delivering music and cultural events
  • Training in all aspects of events management including the chance to specialise and obtain accredited training 
  • Budgeting and support from the Youth Development Officer to stage youth focused events in your community
  • Exposure to a range of music and youth culture events out of town
  • Official recognition for your volunteering through media coverage and certificates that can go a long way with your resume


What do we want from you?

  • A passion to learn, share knowledge and gain skills to coordinate music and youth cultural events locally
  • Keen to work as part of a team to make things happen

    ·         The commitment to attend regular meetings, training and events


If you are interested in joining the 2017 FReeZA team or you are interested in learning more about FReeZA, please contact Jodie on 0408 370 022



The Youth Engagement Program aims to re-engage young people aged 12-25
back into education and training, employment and the community. The program provides opportunities for personal development, skills building, volunteering, mentoring support, pathways into pre-accredited and accredited training as well as creating valuable community connections and links with relevant support services.


The L2P Learner Driver Mentor Program is a VicRoads initiative in partnership with The Mansfield Shire Council and NESAY. The program assists learner drivers to gain the 120 driving hours they need to apply for a probationary license.

The program partners the learner driver with a trained L2P community based mentor. Together they commit to drive a minimum of one hour a week to help the learner driver gain on road experience.

Whilst gaining the required driving hours with the mentor, the learner driver will also have the opportunity to access some driving lessons (funded by the program) with a professional driving instructor to further enhance their driving skills. To be eligible for the program, the young person must:

  • be aged 16-20 years
  • have a current Learner’s Permit
  • not have any health issues that affect safe driving
  • be unable to achieve the 120hrs without the L2P program due to challenging financial, family or personal circumstances
  • be living in the Mansfield Shire Council area

The hours gained are truly invaluable and brings the freedom of having their probationary license much closer! If you are interested in joining the program or becoming a mentor, contact the NESAY L2P coordinator Sandra Schlender on 0417 675 403 or email sschlender@nesay.com.au