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Family Counselling
All families go through different stages: new parents, parenting young children, parenting school aged children, and parenting an adolescent. Each stage has its marvels and challenges.

Family counselling is about overcoming the effects of problems such as: relationship conflict, parenting dilemmas, children with challenging behaviour, grief and loss, separation and divorce, adolescent issues- (drug use, sexuality, boundaries), communication breakdown, domestic violence, sexual abuse, alcohol and drug issues and living with disability.

The Counselling service seeks to work with families to clearly identify the problems and examine the effects of the problems on the family. The counsellor will then facilitate conversations between family members that promote resolution of problems and develop ways of moving forward. The counselling can be offered in a variety of ways:
  • Sessions with individual family members
  • Sessions with children or a young person
  • Family Session
  • Group Programs

This is a free service which is funded by the Department of Human Services & Mansfield Shire Council. This service is available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. To book an appointment phone 5775 8601.

For further information please click here to view our pamphlet