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Woods Point

Find out about the history, accommodation and activities in Woods Point please visit www.woodspoint.com.au 


Community Planning in Woods Point

Community planning brings people together to identify the things that are important to them in their town or locality. Priorities and actions are noted in a community plan which belongs to the community.

 On the 26th of April the first in a series of community planning activities took place at Woods Point. At the workshop the Woods Point community members documented what they loved about their town and their visions and ideas for its future. 

The ideas generated at the workshop in April were put into a survey which was sent to every rate payer so that we could hear from as many community members as possible and make sure that the community plan accurately reflects the community’s visions for the future.  25 surveys were completed and returned.  Download the survey results report. 

Woods Point Community Planning Survey Results

The Woods Point and Matlock Community Plan was then drafted and reviewed by the community for feedback. The plan was refined, finalised, launched by the community and tabled with Council. 

Woods Point Community Plan

This plan belongs to the community. It is up to the community, to get the ball rolling! Project working groups will be formed, to work with Council and other agencies to bring the projects to life.

If you would like to be involved in one of the projects listed on this plan contact;
Woods Point Progress Association: 5777 8261
Woods Point Community Association: 5777 8269
Mansfield Shire Council: 5775 8555.