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Tolmie news and events
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Community Planning in Tolmie
Community planning brings people together to identify the things that are important to them in their town or locality.   Priorities and actions are noted in a community plan which belongs to the community.

“Tolmie is a community-spirited, historical and friendly place.  We’re an active community that values its relaxed lifestyle.”

This is the vision outlined by members of the Tolmie Community.  To achieve this vision the Tolmie community has identified the following projects

  • Bridle and walking trails
  • Sustaining our environment
  • Preserving Tolmie’s history
  • Tolmie Tearooms (old school house)
  • Keep Tolmie Sports going
  • Community Transport

Click here to download the Tolmie Community Plan 2011-18

Follow this link to the 'Community Planning' section of Council's website to find out about community planning in the Mansfield Shire or contact our Community Development team on 5775 8555.