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Have your say about the future of Maindample... Community Planning 2011!

Results of the Maindample Community Planning Survey are in!
The top five priorities identified by you were...
• Turning lane from highway into Railway St (81.8% or 9 extremely important votes)
• Community open-space area (72.7% or 8 extremely important votes)
• Safe turning lane into pub (72.7% or 8 extremely important votes)
• Community meeting place / hall (60% or 6 extremely important votes)
• Speed limit along highway reduced to 80km (54.5% or 6 extremely important votes)

To read the full report, click here

Since developing the plan the community has done a fantastic job of designing a community park, preparing the space, working with Council to secure funding and most importantly, working together to build the park. It is a credit to the community and the locals and visitors are enjoying it immensely. The Maindample Progress Association is now focussing on relocating the old railway goods shed to a new site to be restored and used by the community. Go Maindample!

To get involved in the Maindample projects or to stay informed through the Maindample Progress Association, contact by email on themdpa@hotmail.com

For more information on community planning, simply click here.

Maindample Park - proposed community open space area

The Maindample Progress Association in partnership with Council, have prepared plans to convert the old Maindample School site into a community open space area.

The plans include:
  • creation of shared pedestrian-bike pathways
  • BBQ shelter, BBQ and picnic tables
  • public toilets
  • playground
  • playing field area
To have a look at the concept plan click here.

External funding will need to be sourced to implement the project, but fundraising efforts are already underway within the Maindample community.

If you would like to get involved in the project or have any ideas for the Park please contact Pam Zierk-Mahoney (MPA secretary): pandpmahoney@wideband.net.au  or  0421 659 734