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 Jamieson News Winter 2014

Community Planning in Jamieson

Jamieson has a history of being active and involved in community projects - the Island, the Wine and Cheese night, the Historical Society and Jamieson Community Group and the Jazz Festival are all great examples of this.

To be able to strategically plan for the future, the Jamieson community approached Council to support them while they created their own community plan.

Community planning brings people together to identify the things that are important to them in their town or locality. Priorities and actions are noted in a community plan which belongs to the community.

These plans help Council and other government bodies by clearly telling them what is most important to each community.

Follow this link to the 'Community Planning' section of Council's website to find out about community planning in the Mansfield Shire.

The process so far
On Saturday July 14, 2012 the first in a series of community planning activities took place at the Jamieson Memorial Hall.  About 40 people attended and contributed lots of ideas to be considered for inclusion in the community plan. At the workshop the Jamieson community members documented;

  • what they loved about Jamieson
  • ideas and projects to improve their town that could be implemented in the next 5 years
  • their visions and ideas for the future (20 years+)
  • what must never change about Jamieson
  • what Jamieson already does really well 

Jamieson Community Planning Survey
The ideas generated at the workshop in July were put into a survey which was sent every rate payer so that we could hear from as many community members as possible and make sure that the community plan accurately reflects your visions for the future.  45 surveys were completed and returned.  Download the survey results here.

Reviewing the Survey Results
On Tuesday 27 November, 2012 a meeting was held to review the results of the survey and to start drafting the community plan. A number of comments were received and the plan revised a few times. The plan was finalised in December 2013 and launched on Australia Day, 2014. The Jamieson Community Plan can be viewed by clicking here.

In early 2014, a meeting will be held to prioritise the actions in the plan, form action groups and kick start the projects. Queries may be directed to the community development team on 5775 8555.

To keep informed about what is going on in Jamieson, contact the community group by email on jamocommunity@gmail.com or check the noticeboard outside the Jamieson Hall.