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Howqua and Macs Cove

The Howqua Macs Cove area includes Howqua River Road, Howqua Inlet and Macs Cove. The area is small population-wise, so the communities merged to develop their community plan.

Business wise, the Howqua Valley Caravan Park and Willowlake Cottages have survived the long drought years. A number of new accommodation businesses have sprung up. The Howqua Valley Landcare group has been established for a number of years and caretakes the stunning Howqua River valley.

There is no overarching community group that meets at present, but the community is currently keen to form a group with Council's assistance. Contact the Community Development team at Council on 5775 8555 if you are interested in being involved.

Over 70 community members attended two community plan get-togethers and enthusiastically shared their thoughts and ideas with each other and with Council officers.  The collected information was prioritised through a survey which assisted to create a profile of the community and define those things considered most important.

The first Howqua Macs Cove gathering

In further meetings the results of the survey were reviewed and the community plan was finalised.

Click here to view the Howqua Macs Cove Community Plan.

However, bringing a community plan to life is up to the community - the more people who get on board and can help with the different projects, the quicker and easier each project becomes. The Howqua Inlet community now has a noticeboard to keep the community in touch. However, the other projects have been slow gaining traction and the community has now decided to form a community group to represent their needs and to progress the actions in the plan. Three priority projects will be focussed on - moving the bus stop into Macs Cove and creating a 'community hub'; improvements to the lakeside reserve in Macs Cove; a public BBQ/picnic area in Howqua Inlet.

For more information about the Howqua Macs Cove community plan or to express interest in being involved in any way, contact Kirsten Lingard on 5775 8555 or by email on kirsten.lingard@mansfield.vic.gov.au