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Snake dreaming wall and the ring of hands
The snake dreaming wall is a feature of the Scarred Tree Precinct. More than 50 ceramic tiles made by students from Mansfield Secondary College were affixed to a 14 metre long rammed earth wall. Each student decorated and glazed the tiles which were then fired and laid out on a template ready for transferring to the wall. atural glazes of ochre colours and iron oxide were used to harmonise with the dusky pink colour of the earthen wall.

Close up of Snake Tile

Detail of tiles

Ring of hands tiles
At the base of the scarred tee is a concrete slab embedded with ceramic tiles made by members of the Taungurung clan and other community members. Encircling the tree are tiles with a two hands motif. These tiles represent the theme of reconciliation and contribute to the Sea of Hands movement which has become a powerful symbol of the People's Movement for Reconciliation.

The Ceramic tiles laid out in formation

Embedding the tiles in the concrete slab

(Former) Mansfield Secondary College student Joe Peers with tiles