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Mansfield Shire Councillors

The fifth Mansfield Shire Council was sworn in at a Special (Statutory) meeting of Council on 26 October 2016, in accordance with S84A of the Local Government Act 1989.

The following five Councillors were sworn in, with their term of office expiring in October 2020. 

  • Cr Marg Attley (Tolmie Ward)
  • Cr Peter Olver (Mansfield Ward)
  • Cr Paul Sladdin (Bonnie Doon Ward)
  • Cr Paul Volkering (Mansfield Ward)
  • Cr Harry Westendorp (Jamieson Ward)

All Mansfield Shire Wards are single member Wards, except for the Mansfield Ward, which has two Councillors.

 Cr Paul Volkering

Mayor Cr Paul Volkering
Mansfield Ward

Contact details:
M: 0429-507 140
E: paul.volkering@mansfield.vic.gov.au

This is Cr Volkering's first term as a Councillor.  Prior to this he was the Principal of Mansfield Primary School for the past five years. 

He was born and raised in Mansfield and his parents owned and operated local businesses. Paul grew up in Mansfield enjoying all that the town and district has to offer; the country lifestyle, the sport, the community and the schools.  He regards it as a privilege to now be able to give something back.

Prior to being elected, Paul was the Principal of Mansfield Primary school for the past five years.  Prior to this, for the past 20 years he has been a Principal in public schools across Victoria graduating from Melbourne University.  He has also studied further and travelled overseas to study and observe other education systems.

Paul is passionate about Mansfield Shire's future, recognising its rich heritage and history. I've been both a resident and ratepayer at various times over many years.

Paul and his wife, Fiona, have five boys between them and one grandson, with another on the way.  He is a mad keen Kangaroos (AFL) fanatic and is equally as fanatical about this wonderful country we live in. 

During his 'down time', Paul spends his time reading or studying, on the water boating, exercising, riding his bike, being in the outdoors, driving his old car, catching up with friends or just doing the normal things most dads do!


Cr Harry Westendorp

Deputy Mayor Cr Harry Westendorp
Jamieson Ward

Contact details:
M: 0428-975 279
E: harry.westendorp@mansfield.vic.gov.au

Harry completed most of his primary education in Bonnie Doon in the 1950s before his family moved closer to Melbourne.  He returned to Mansfield as a non-resident ratepayer in 2001, and is now a permanent resident.

During his career, Harry spent more than 45 years in large and small businesses in technical, sales and executive roles, managing teams of up to 45 staff and gaining broad experience in Operational areas. He has governance experience through serving on Boards, including Director and Chairman of a School Board for 12 years; Director of CRC for Southern Hemisphere Meteorology; Chairman of Church Councils for multiple tenures; and is currently Deputy Board Chairman of Reformed Theological College in Geelong.

Harry wants to contribute his extensive experience to help Mansfield Shire develop while at the same time retaining its unique and attractive attributes, acknowledging that this involves balancing the often conflicting needs of the environment, business, tourism and the growing needs of a very diverse population.

This is Cr Westendorp's first term as a Mansfield Shire Councillor.


Cr Marg Attley

Cr Marg Attley
Tolmie Ward

Contact details:
M: 0400-256 035
H: 5776 2128
E: marg.attley@mansfield.vic.gov.au

Cr Attley was first elected to Mansfield Shire Council in 2005 then re-elected in 2008, 2012 and 2016.

During this time Marg has been honoured to be chosen Mayor twice. This enabled her to work across all communities in the Shire, be responsive to their needs and advocate and collaborate with all levels of Government.

Marg is a trained Primary Teacher and mediator and more recently has worked as a Project Manager on projects for young people. She continues supporting our young people through representation on Council committees and programs for young people. She is a representative on wide ranging community committees.

Having strong commitment to and passion for social justice and inclusive communities, Marg is currently the Vice President of the Victorian Local Governance Association which allows her to represent the issues of rural councils.  She is also on the Executive of the Australian Local Goverment Women's Association (Vic.)

Marg believes that we will need to engage more strongly with our communities, listen to our inspired community leaders and develop strategic partners for future sustainability. 


Cr Peter Olver

Cr Peter Olver
Mansfield Ward

Contact details:
M: 0429-109 453
E: peter.olver@mansfield.vic.gov.au

Prior to being elected to Council, Cr Olver was employed by NETracks Local Learning and Employment Network (LLEN)  as a Partnership Broker working in the Mansfield Community. 

Peter grew up in Mansfield and attended the Mansfield Secondary College.  After qualifying as a Mechanical Engineer in Melbourne he worked both there and in Canberra as an Engineer.

Some years later, after more tertiary study, he and his wife Linda, moved to Mansfield to have a family and raise their four children. 

He taught for many years as a teacher at Mansfield Secondary College as well as owning several businesses and a cattle farm. 

He has always been passionate about social justice and consequently has been involved in many associated community groups. At present he is a member of the Gadhaba Local Indigenous Group and Mansfield Historical Society.

His primary interests are his family, friends, his home and farm, the Mansfield Shire community, traveling/camping in outback Australia, fishing/boating and local history and culture.

This is Cr Olver's first term as a Mansfield Shire Councillor.


 Cr Paul Sladdin

Cr Paul Sladdin
Bonnie Doon Ward

Contact details:
M: 0428-900 573
E: paul.sladdin@mansfield.vic.gov.au

A ratepayer for 23 years, Paul and his wife moved permanently to Mansfield in 2000 to raise their family of three children. Paul's background and qualifications are in community education and community development and he is currently the Networker for the Goulburn North East Association of Community Centres.

Paul has been involved in numerous local community and sporting groups and is a current member of the Bonnie Doon CFA and Bonnie Doon Community Group.

Paul is actively involved the Men's Shed movement being a past President of the Victorian Men's Shed Association and currently Vice President of the Australian Men's Shed Association.

This is Cr Sladdin's second term as Councillor for Mansfield Shire.