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Best Value 
Best Value Victoria is an initiative targeted at enabling councils to determine the most effective means of providing a service to the community, in accordance with the six principals specified in the Local Government Act 1989.

Best Value represents a new approach for Local Government. It has removed the inflexibility and rigidity of Compulsory Competitive Tendering while ensuring councils remain accountable for their expenditure and obtain value for money in the delivery of council services.

Best Value legislation requires that Council Observes the six Best Value Principles for service delivery, by:

1. Local Accountability
That councils be accountable to their own communities for:
  • the provision of services, and
  • the performance of the organisation in accordance with the Best Value Principles.
2. Whole-of-organisation response
That a council's implementation of the Best Value
Principles be a whole-of-orgaisation response applied through its corporate planning responsibilities including all its services and functions.

3. Consultation on performance
That a council demonstrate it's accountability for the implementation of the Best Value Principles by measuring and reporting on its performance to its community against objectives and targets that are set by the council after consultation with its community.

4. Best Value outcomes
That the Best Value principles framework delivers enhanced service and organisational performance across the local government sector and that the sector be able to demontsrate to the State Government that it has achieved these objectives.

5. Benefits, not costs
That the implementation of the Best Value Principals framework not incur costs that outweigh the benefits of applying the Best Value Principles framework, particularly in relation to small rural councils.

6. Encourage innovation
That the Best Value Principles framework encourage councils to adopt innovative and creative responses to the service delivery, including a range of partnering relationships.

"Best Value is about providing quality services at a level residents expect and at a price they are willing to pay. It involves working with the community to provide services that best suit their needs in an open and accountable way, taking into acount quality, cost and access factors"

Council has undertaken reviews of all services against the principles of Best Value to ensure Mansfield Shire Council is fully compliant with the legislation. These reviews included seeking submissions and telephone surveys.