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Enrolling to Vote

Resident voters

Everyone who has enrolled to vote in State and Federal elections is automatically enrolled to vote in Council elections. This typically applies to Australian citizens aged 18 and over who have lived at their current address for at least one month.  Voting is compulsory for this category of voter.

Non-resident owners

Owners of property who are listed on Council’s rate records as not living at their property will automatically be included on the voters’ roll, however only two owners can be enrolled per property.

Other owners

Those who don’t fit in to either of the above categories, ie. are not Australian citizens, but own a property in Mansfield Shire and are aged 18 and over, can apply to be enrolled on the voters’ roll. Up to two owners per property may apply.


Up to two owners of a property may apply to be enrolled in place of the owners if they pay the rates and with the agreement of the owners, unless the Council rate notice is addressed directly to the occupiers.  Council encourages occupiers of shops and commercial and industrial properties to be enrolled and vote (provided the above applies).

Corporation nominees

A corporation owning or occupying a property in Mansfield Shire and which pays the rates, may appoint either a director or company secretary to represent it on the voters’ roll. The person it appoints cannot be otherwise eligible to vote in the municipality.

Voting is compulsory

Voting in council elections is compulsory for all residents aged under 70 who are listed on the voters' roll. Residents on the voters' roll who do not vote may be fined if they do not have an acceptable reason.

A person can only have one vote, irrespective of how many properties they may own within the municipality. A person can only be enrolled on one of the four Ward voters' rolls for Mansfield Shire Council and normally that is the Ward in which the person resides.

Enrolment/entitlement date

To be able to vote at Council elections, a person must be entitled to be included on Council's voters' roll on the 'entitlement date', which is generally two months prior to the election.

If you are a resident and have not yet enrolled for your current residential address, collect an enrolment form from any Post Office, phone the VEC on 13 18 32 or download a form from the VEC website: https://www.vec.vic.gov.au/

Alternatively, you can obtain an enrolment form from the Australian Electoral Commission.

Ground breaking app gives voters with a disability a voice

Voters with complex communication difficulties will be able to participate in enrolling and voting—possibly for the first time—thanks to the development of an exciting new app by the Victorian Electoral Commission. 

Voters Voice is a free iPad app developed to provide information about enrolling and voting in Victorian elections in various formats, and a communication board for those voters who cannot speak or have difficulty making themselves understood.

The inaugural version is for the Victorian council elections being held in October 2016 and is primarily for use by those who will be voting at voting centres. Mansfield Shire Council will be conducting their election by post and the app provides information about that too.

The app has five main sections:
· a communication board
· Easy English information
· plain English information
· an Auslan video about enrolling and voting in Victorian elections—to watch this video you will need to have an internet connection
· a short video to help a voter understand what they need to know or do before voting, while voting and after voting at an attendance election.

Disability Advocacy Group, Scope, partnered with the Commission on the development of the app. 

Voters Voice is available for download through the Apple iTunes store. Further information about the app can be found online at vec.vic.gov.au